About ASME Industry Events

ASME Industry Events provide a dynamic, interactive platform for companies, technology providers, users and practitioners to learn, collaborate and forge business connections. 

Key Technologies

Focusing on the strategic technologies of manufacturing, robotics, clean energy, bioengineering and pressure technology – these events are unique opportunities to connect, build relationships and identify potential applications and solutions.  As digitalization and technologies converge, transforming our industry, ASME provides the pathways to technology strategy, adoption and advancement.

Dynamic Environment

Expert technology sessions, small group consultations and face-to-face, hands-on learning opportunities combine for an unparalleled experience.  Live technology exhibits and demonstrations showcase integrated solutions.

By Industry, For Industry

Designed by ASME subject-matter experts and industry leaders from energy, healthcare, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, automation, IT and more, these events address pressing challenges and growth opportunities.  Advisors with decades of experience and contacts work alongside ASME to build the ideal combination of presenters, exhibitors and collaborators. 

Audiences with Authority

Attendees with decision making authority attend with over 65% having the ability to specify, authorize or recommend investment in key technologies.  Connect with the people who set technology strategy and implement it in innovative companies determined to stay ahead of the curve. 

Upcoming Events


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