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Setting the Standard

Program Description

As an ASME Authorized Training Provider (ATP) you will be responsible for the On-Site – Hands-On Training portion of the ASME Bolting Specialist Qualification Program.

Since bolting is an inherent physical activity, it is essential that work skills as well as theory be taught and tested in any qualification course. 

Authorized Training Providers deliver this hands on portion in a one-day session:

  • Candidates will review, observe and demonstrate actual tool handling and safety principles under the guidance of a Authorized Training Instructor.  
  • Training day covers the application of principles and practices and demonstrates that the candidates can safely and effectively operate bolting tools and assemble functioning joints.

Join Our Official Network of ATPs

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is re-evaluated annually based on factors including participant feedback, performance, and strategy
If pre-approved, ASME will schedule a facility and equipment audit with the ATP.  View the Facility Checklist and Equipment List.
offers high-quality verified course content and learning outcomes
ASME reviews application and requests more information or clarification if necessary.
is a genuine ASME training provider and is licensed to use the globally recognized ASME brand
ATPs who pass the site visit and have a signed agreement, can begin offering training programs.
provides training from authorized instructors with relevant experience and education
ASME will notify the applicant whether or not ASME will continue the process of establishing an agreement with the ATP.

Please note: we review ATP applications on a quarterly basis. Application does not guarantee any organization will be approved. Commonly, applications take 6-8 weeks from submission to final decision. After a final decision is reached, a contract must be mutually executed before a training provider is an official ASME ATP. We reserve the right to approve/deny any application based on our sole judgement.

ASME Certificates of Completion

ATP Certificates

The ATPs will be evaluated and approved for their ability to effectively offer the one-day, hands-on training session and skills assessment for the Bolting Specialist Qualification Program. Upon approval and completion of an executed contract, ASME provides a certificate to the ATP validating they are an official ASME Bolting Training Provider. Certificates are valid for 3 years.

ATPs may offer training sessions for the general public, or may be dedicated to a specific company or group.  ATP must hold at least 1 session per calendar year. 

The following companies are authorized to deliver the Hands-On Training for the ASME Bolting Specialist Qualification Program. 

Explore official ASME BSQP authorized training providers by region:



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Central and South America

BSQP Authorized Training Provider FAQs

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