OTC Woelfel Mechanical Achievement Award (Oil Drop)

ASME Unit: Petroleum Division
Date Established: 1965
Achievement: Distinguished and meritorious achievement or service in the field of Petroleum Mechanical Engineering, patents are a good indication of value of work.
Limitations: No posthumous presentations are made. Recipient must be a mechanical engineer.
Nomination Deadline: 5/1
Form of Award: Trophy
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Petroleum Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Petroleum Division Executive Committee
Selecting Process: Ballot by the Petroleum Division Executive Committee
Funding: Petroleum Division
Date Created: 11/8/2000
Date Modified: 3/28/2001
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OTC Woelfel Mechanical Achievement Award (Oil Drop) Recipients

1995 Camco
1996 Maritime Hydraulics (Achievement)
DPI (Innovation)
1997 Apollo Services
1998 McDermott ETPM (Achievement)
Welltec (Innovation)
ABB Offshore Systems (Achievement)
Francis Torque (Innovation)

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