A Board of Governors (BOG) chosen from the Society’s membership presides over the activities of the Society, subject to the limitations of the Constitution and By-Laws and Society Policies. A Nominating Committee selects a slate of qualified nominees annually for election to serve as President and Board of Governors Members-at-Large.


Mahantesh Hiremath, ASME President

Mahantesh Hiremath

“The Society has made great strides in the last few years. Let’s keep the momentum going. Let’s strive to make the Society – Prolific, Brilliant and Healthy.” - Mahantesh Hiremath


Bryan A. Erler Immediate Past President
Bryan A. Erler
Thomas Costabile Executive Director/CEO
Thomas Costabile
Karen Ohland President-Nominee
Karen Ohland
Todd Allen Todd Allen
Term: 2019–2022
Andrew Bicos Andrew Bicos
Term 2020–2023
Tommy Gardner Tommy Gardner
Term 2021–2024
Laura Hitchcock Laura Hitchcock
Term: 2019–2022
Sam Korellis Sam Korellis
Term: 2021–2024
Thomas Kurfess Thomas Kurfess
Term: 2019–2022
Richard Marboe Richard Marboe
Term 2020–2023
Paul Stevenson Paul Stevenson
Term 2020–2023
Wolf Yeigh Wolf Yeigh
Term 2021–2024

Society Officers

Robert N. Pangborn Secretary/Treasurer Robert N. Pangborn
John Delli Venneri Assistant Secretary/General Counsel John Delli Venneri
William Garofalo Chief Financial Officer William Garofalo

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