Membership Levels

Membership Levels

ASME has five grades of membership tailored to suit the needs of engineers at all stages of their careers.

Honorary Member
A rank of membership awarded for eminent distinguished engineering achievement and selected by the ASME International Committee on Honors. Learn More

A Fellow is a member who has attained a grade of distinction. At the time of advancement, a Fellow must be a corporate-level member of the Society, shall have been responsible for significant engineering achievements, and shall have no less than 10 years of active practice and 10 years of continuous corporate membership in ASME. Learn More

Members have either eight years of experience in the profession or attainment of a degree in an engineering curriculum.

If a potential member graduates from an unapproved engineering curriculum, he or she will be given appropriate credit toward the eight-year requirement.

What are the benefits associated with professional membership? Learn More

Student Member
A student regularly enrolled in approved engineering or engineering technology curriculum at the undergraduate or graduate level.

What benefits are available to student members? Learn More

An affiliate is member who is not an engineer, but is involved, either professionally or personally, with the profession.

Student Membership
Student – Freshman/First year in college or university only international equivalent $0
Student – Post first Regular Student Membership (any year in college or university) $25
Professional Membership
Early Career
Member 0-1 year after graduation $63
Member 1-2 years after graduation $86
Member 2-3 years after graduation $110
Member 3-4 years after graduation $134
Professional, Fellow, or Affiliate $158
Retired Member* $79
Life, Honorary Member** $0
Pre-Paid Membership for a lifetime. Request quote

* Retired ($79.00) a member who has paid dues for twenty-five years and is not gainfully employed because of retirement or disability.
** Dues Exempt/Life Membership (No dues*) a member who has paid dues for thirty-five years and has reached age 65 and/or retired from regular work.


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